About The Wisconsin Doulas Association


We connect and provide advanced education for Doulas with a unified approach to birth work, while fostering and building professional networks.

Our Vision

We are a group of dedicated and diverse individuals building the bridge for our parenting community, medical establishments, small businesses, and resources for doulas here in Wisconsin.

We are cultivating a membership base that includes access to resources and education. Including but not limited to: cultural competency, trauma informed care, mentorship, advanced education opportunities, current evidence based information, advocacy, and peer to peer support.

We know doulas should be acknowledged and respected members of the perinatal team and evidence based practices prove it. 

Board of Directors

Diane Gaywont- Board Chair
Liz Krumwiede – Treasurer
Michelle Sanford – Secretary
Abby Farragh
Samantha Emro
Salema Peterson

We want to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude for the incredible work our staff have done under the Advancing Equity in Maternal and Child Health Grant Program. The dedication and tireless efforts have been instrumental in supporting Maternal and Child Health initiatives across Wisconsin.

Thanks to their hard work, we have been able to create a membership base for the association in which we bring together not only doulas and hold an inaugural conference in Madison this past April.

These milestones have been made possible through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and Title V funds provided by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, is a critical step toward advancing equity and sustainability in our community.

The positive outcomes we are beginning to see would not be possible without your expertise, passion, and commitment.

Thank you for your unwavering support and for being an essential part of this vital initiative.

ARPA Programing Staff:

Emily Jacobson – Executive Director
Christina Drain– Program Director for Southeast Wisconsin
Cynthia Dortch – Program Director for Northeast Wisconsin
Stephanie Paap – Director of Education & Development
Rosalynn Perkins– Director of Grievance & Resolutions
Christina Veling– Director of Doula & Client Relations
Eve Comer- Director of Infant Nutrition & Cultural Programs
Michelle Sanford – Executive Administrator

Grants and Sponsorships

2020- Rotary of Green Bay
2020- Canary Fund
2020- Schreiber Foods
2022- Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay

2023- Wisconsin DHS 

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