Wisconsin Doula Association Application

Who should submit an application?

Currently this pilot program is only available in Brown County, stay tuned as we expand. 
  • Those who live within Brown County, Wi
  • Those on Badgercare Plus, or child covered under badgercare
  • Current client working with a crisis/emergency shelter, community resource
  • Teen Parents
  • Those referred from a social worker
  • Those who meet financial eligibility requirements 
Verifications must be uploaded at the time of application. Incomplete applications will not be considered. You must be a Brown County resident to receive services.
Wisconsin Doula Association is a 501(c)3. Services are dependent on funding, and eligibility criteria are subject to change without notice at any time.

All service requests are initiated by the application

  1. No Incomplete application will be accepted
  2. No Applications are taken over the phone or any other avenue of request
  3. All reported income, assets, and other information (as indicated on the application) must be verified for an application to be considered complete.
  4. Applications will not be accepted without verification and will not be considered by the board
  5. The board will not make verification requests on incomplete applications. Applications will not “pend”.
  6. Incomplete applications will be sent a letter that includes copies of the application, verifications, and lists what was missing (if applicable).
  7. Applicants are able to reapply.
  8. The board may not assist with filling out an application.
  9. Referral letter required
  10. Individuals related by blood or marriage to any GB Doula Service provider are not eligible.


  1. Applications will be received by the director of the board and confirm all verifications and referrals included. The completed application will be scanned and loaded into a shared file. Applicant will undergo a general intake
  2. Completed applications will be shared to the board for review electronically within 5 days of receipt.
  3. Board has business days 5 days to review. The approved application needs 5 confirmation or more on besides the board of the director. The board chair must approve all applications.


  1. The applicant will be notified in writing using form letter and follow up contact by service provider
  2. Service costs may be reduced or waived depending on funds available and clients ability to pay.

What you will need in order to complete the application:(what paperwork they will need)